About Our Company

JOVIAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION is an independent oil and gas company capable of generating, evaluating, leasing, acquiring, drilling and operating any oil and gas prospect. The Company takes great pride in using lean overhead and experienced personnel to drill and operate projects at a fraction of the cost other oil and gas companies experience.

Jovian primarily owns and operates "sunset assets". These are fields that have been proven and produced for many years. We use innovative technology and efficient reservoir maintenance to maximize our production and elongate the compensation to our lessors. Jovian is currently evaluating leases in California, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas that have a proud history but have also seen neglect and we hope to nurture those fields.

The Jovian Management team is proud to be involved in community initiatives. We feel very fortunate to be doing what we do and feel a responsibility to help give back to the communities that we live and work. We have a solid record of safety and reliability that we hope our lessors can feel secure that their land will be treated with respect and integrity.